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This is a fascinating account of the dismissal of a Protestant professor from a prestigious Catholic university through the instigation of the present Pope Benedict XVI. This is a special trade edition of The Envy of Excellence, identical in content except for deletion of the appendix of ten critical commentaries, and addition of an introduction, "Formulating the Question," by Herbert Richardson.


“A terrifying vision of institutional evil.” – Hugo Meynell, Fellow, Royal Canadian Society

“Dr. Westhues points out just how exceptional in many ways the case was: a Protestant theologian in a Roman Catholic college ... an exceptionally productive and brilliant scholar, a man with a religious and social mission that became increasingly unpopular in a secular state ...” – Brian-Keith Smith, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

“Within the nuanced cadence of the great common law traditions practiced in the United States and the British Commonwealth,perhaps no offense is more destructive yet so rarely punished as the malicious activity known colloquially as ‘mobbing’. Dr. Westhues’ books go a long way toward correcting this judicial and statutory oversight.” – Kurt von S. Kynell, Northern Michigan University

Table of Contents

1. Judgement and Doubt
2. Social Elimination
3. Workplace Mobbing
4. Biographical Context
5. Cultural Context
6. Defensor Vinculi
7. In the Season of Cults
8. Bad Press, Good Press
9. Breaking the Covenant
10. Inching the Target Out
11. Two Charges Struck
12. Two Charges Sustained
13. Further Quarrels
14. Human Betterment
Appendix 1: Contrasting Pension Forms
Appendix 2: Significant Dates
Appendix 3: Newspaper Coverage
Appendix 4: Robert West's Letter of Regret, 2003

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