The Importance of Learning a Second Language: Essays on Re-envisioning Foreign Language Education

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This edited volume is a collaborative project including essays by language educators from around the world. "The chapters illuminate how much language education has continued to adapt to the needs of learners around the world, taking into account a multiplicity of identities and lived experiences, from Sub-Saharan Africa to North America to East Asia. They also reveal the true passion, dedication, and patience that language can bring to their work, both in terms of helping a wide range of learners grasp skills, yet also in igniting curiosity and compassion." -Nick Gozik, from The Foreword

Table of Contents

Foreword by Nick Gozik
Introduction by Kathleen Stein Smith
"Exploring the Interdisciplinary Lessons of the Holocaust and the WWII Occupation of France in the French-Language Classroom" -Eileen M. Angelini
"Language, Business & Culture: Innovative Directions in Foreign Language Curricula" -Enza Antenos
"Connecting the World: Embracing the Best of the Past, Present and Future in Foreign Language Education" -John Greene
"Getting French Majors Ready for Their Future Careers" -Frederique Grim
"The Language Learning Forecast: Fewer Student Learners, Three Thousand Fewer Languages, Plurilingual Global Majority - How Climate Change is Stealing our Students and Languages" -Mark Harris
"Foreign Language Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Activities in Moodle" -Ioana Claudia Horea
"Inclusive Representations of Linguistic Diversity in the US" -Jessamine Irwin
"French Canadian Heritage Societies in the United States: Local Global" -Emmanuel K. Kayembe
"French as an Economic Imperative: Reflections on the Place of the French Language in the Ghanaian Economic Sector and among Ghanaian Professionals" - Richard Senyo Kofi Kwakye, Menisimah Thompson Kwaffo, Franco Gandolfi, and Ajoa Akoa-Ewusi
"Thinking Outside the Book: Community Engaged Learning in the French Language Classroom" -Mireille Le Breton
"Tentacularity: Building Stronger Language Programs through Interdisciplinary Collaborations" -Dennis Looney
"Language Learning and the Peace Corps in Africa" -Robert McAndrews
"Successes and Challenges in Making Dual Enrollment Equitable for ELLS" -Irene Oujo & Fernando Alonso
"Curriculum Leadership in Undergraduate World Language Programs: A Student Perspective" -Jerry L. Parker & Yazmyn C. Smith
"In Lieu of the Old Language Laboratory: The Native Speaker Program at Saint Anselm College" -Robert B. Perreault
"Interdisciplinary Joint Majors: Joining Forces with the Traditional French Major" -Steven J. Sacco
"Lowering the Affective Filter for Success" -Jennifer Schwester
"Language Advocacy and Heritage Languages: 'Where will your language live in your life?'" -Kathleen Stein Smith
"The Language Pipeline: Rethinking Frameworks for Learning Minority Languages in Monolingual Spaces" -Scott Tilton & Rudy Bazenet
"Implementing Multilingual Education: China's Experiences" -Ping Zhang, Bob Adamson, and Anwei Feng
Conclusion -Kathleen Stein Smith

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