Constructing the Field of Education as a Liberal Art and as Teacher Preparation at Five Western Australian Universities: An Historical Analysis

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This book examines the development of teacher education at five universities in Western Australia and note analogous historical developments in England, Europe, and the United States. The authors address the false claim that teacher education has been marginalized at certain universities, which has led to a negative attitude towards teacher preparation. Gardiner, O'Donoghue, and O'Neil analyze the structure, orientation, and content of the education programs that they describe as the ‘preactive curriculum,’ at the different universities, while describing how those programs were implemented and carried out over time. The book is an important contribution to curriculum history and offers new methodological approaches to research the implementation of teacher education.


“A most interesting read, this valuable study fills a hiatus in existing scholarship and is compulsory reading for anyone interested in teacher education and in the field of educational studies more generally.”-Prof. Judith Harford University College Dublin, Ireland

“The competing theories and emphases that the authors detect and elaborate upon are in many cases still debated by educationalists today-thus giving this book added relevance and importance.”-Prof. Tania Aspland, University of Adelaide

Table of Contents

Preface Dr. Judith Harford


Chapter 1 The Stimulus for the Study
The Contribution of the Study
The Research Approach

Chapter 2 The Context
The Continental European Context
The UK Context
The USA Context
The Australian Context

Chapter 3 The Construction of Education, Univ. of Western Australia
A Foundation Orientation
An Academic Orientation
A Discipline Orientation
A Professional Orientation
Chapter 4 The Construction of Education at Murdoch University
The Establishment of Murdoch University
An Integrated Approach to the Study of Education Other Initiatives within the School of Education

Chapter 5 The Construction of Education at Curtin University
Historical Context: From Technical School to University Studies in Educational Administration and Leadership
Teacher Preparation
Studies in Education at the Science and Mathematics Centre

Chapter 6 The Construction of Education at Edith Cowan University
The Teachers Colleges: A Technical/Utilitarian Orientation
From Teachers Colleges to University
Edith Cowan University
Consolidation through Teacher Preparation

Chapter 7 The Construction of Education,
Univ. of Notre Dame Australia
Catholic Education in Western Australia
The Establishment of the University of Notre Dame
The Study of Education

Chapter 8
Primary Sources
Secondary Sources

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