The Politics of the Second Amendment: How Subsequent Generations have Dealt with its Substance

This book reviews the broad sweep of English Common Law, colonial application of English principles, and continued evolution after the establishment of the United States with its Second Amendment. It found that states took two-pronged approach: one dealt with weapons in the hands of militias for the protection of their community ; the other imposed numerous restrictions on the ownership of guns by individuals for their own purposes.


"In short, the American Second Amendment is best viewed not as a question for impartial and careful legal reasoning, but rather as a political tool in the collection of arguments used by intellectual descendants of those who lost the Civil War, and want to restore a set of rules that are more in tune with the 18th century than the 21st century. Understanding that, and grounding that understanding in the deep in the deep texture of our legal history, is worthy objective of this text."
Professor Bruce Lindsley Rockwood,
Bloomsberg University

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The English Common Law: Influences on the American Colonists

Chapter 2: The American Colonial Experience: Fashioning A Common Law upon the British Law

Chapter 3: Applying the Knowledge Gained as Colonies in Creating Laws for the New States (and Nation)

Chapter 4: A New Constitution: Learning From the Mistakes of the Articles of Confederation

Chapter 5: The United States From the Ratification of the Bill of Rights, December 15, 1791 until the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified on July 9, 1868

Chapter 6: A New Era: The Fourteenth Amendment and Historical Implications

Chapter 7: The Fourteenth Amendment in the Era of Rapid Change

Chapter 8: The Twentieth Century: First Look

Chapter 9: The Twenty-First Century: Changing View on the Second Amendment

Chapter 10: Post Heller: Individual Right and Protecting Innocent Citizens

Chapter 11: The Role of the Second Amendment in American Society



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