The Danger Wealth Disparity Creates for a Democratic Society: A Compendium of Basic Information

The purpose of this book is to point out that capitalist system in place in the United States is not currently working as efficiently as it might to maximize opportunities for all citizens to both enjoy the benefits and contribute to the continued success of capitalism.


"The core principle underpinning all that I discuss here, is that a capitalist system flourishes and grows when all economic actors are compensated at appropriate levels for work they contribute. Not only do they feel rewarded, but they also have the assets to participate in transactions that help grow the economy.

The founders of the nation understood that they were creating a democratic system they expected participation from all qualified voters. They also believed the best way to offer citizens opportunities to enjoy the citizenship was through a hybrid system of private capitalism that functioned in an environment where government operated some aspects of the economic enterprise.
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Eight Facts Regarding Income

1. Evolution of Concept of Wealth

2. Income, Wealth, and Democratic Society

3. Consequences of Dealing with Economic Disparity

4. Economic Theory

5. Concepts Related to Wealth

6. Factors Contributing to Wealth and Income Divergence

7. Addressing the Issues: Counteracting Myths

8. Potential Mechanisms to Deal with Diverging Incomes

9. Conclusion

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