Changing the Regulation of Guns by Reinterpreting The Second Amendment: How the Supreme Court has Contradicted the Intent of the Founding Fathers

Dr. Dana Ulloth looks in the history of gun regulation in the United States from the founding of America to our modern age. He argues that the interpretation of second has moved from its earliest pro-regulation interpretation to an anti-regulation interpretation over that time period.


“This monograph constitutes of two analyses of the Second amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The first examines modern history against the backdrop of the attitudes of the founders, the influence of legal texts they considered significant, the status of common and statutory law as it grew up during both colonial and state government times, and political realities in play when the Constitution and later the Bill of Rights were produced.

. The second is an exegesis of all the language in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights related to weapons, the Militia, the army, and the navy. This textual analysis examines each clause in both documents in light of other sections to which it relates.”
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Essay One: A Historical and Legal Analysis

Chapter 1: The Twentieth Century First Look

Chapter 2: The Twenty-First Century: Changing the View on the Second Amendment

Chapter 3: Post Heller: Individual Right and Protecting Individual Citizens

Chapter 4: The Role of the Second Amendment in American Society

Essay Two: What the Second Amendment Really Says: The Opposite of What You Think?

What the Second Amendment Really Says

The Second Amendment

When Owning Arms is a Crime


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