Source Book for Strategic Studies in Africa

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This work is intended to stimulate research in the field of Strategic Studies, with special emphases on the main subjects of that discipline: peace, diplomacy, defense, disarmament, and international security. This compendium provides the scholars with high quality resource materials.


"Danfulani (strategic studies, Univ. of Abuja, Nigeria; Centre for International and Strategic Studies) has produced the first compilation of English and French information sources on strategic studies in Africa ... The work includes a list of specialized journals and specialized institutions. It ends with a study annex, which could assist scholars. Although useful for researchers and policy makers in Africa, this book will also prove valuable to upper-division undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty of international studies. Due to its specialized focus, this work is recommended for academic libraries with large international security and national security collections." - CHOICE

“It provides extensive research data for scholars, policy makers and even the general public on serious issues in the areas of politics, International Relations and Strategic Studies. . . . also include[s] not only the addresses of African and other institutions around the world, but also to include the list of journals, reviews, etc, that handle the direct spread of subjects treated. The book will essentially encourage research into the difficult areas of defense, security and strategy with a multidisciplinary approach, and the institutions of learning in and out of Africa will find the author’s work an indispensable piece.” – C. O. Bassey

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Introduction
2. Research Dynamics
3. Strategic Studies as a Discipline
4. Presentation Plan: Specialized Books; Basic Articles; Dissertations; Specific Documents
5. Specialized Journals
6. Specialized Institutions
7. Study Annexes: Write-Up Tools; Work Plans; Table of Contents
8. Author’s Contributions in French
Afterword; General Index

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