1400 Year War Between Islam and the West: The Paradigm for Understanding and Overcoming Enmity Among Civilizations

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Searches the development of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to provide reasons for the hatred of a faction of the Islamic world toward the West in general, and the United States in particular. It examines the possibility that the roots of this animosity are the result of the historical interactions between these three Abrahamic religions and more fundamentally the result of corruption of the original message of each religion.


This fascinating retrospective historical and political study is based on the premise that the knowledge of historical facts is important to a proper understanding of present day world conflicts and also those that may develop in the future. It offers real solutions for the resolution of those conflicts.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements / Introduction
Chapter I: Paradigmatic Discourse
Clash of Civilizations Paradigm
Empire and Multitude Paradigm
In Search of a New Paradigm
Chapter II: Christianity and its Change Process
Early Christianity
The Rise of the Christian Empire
Reform Movements in Christianity
Chapter III: Islam and its Change Process
The Early Islamic State
The Rise of the Islamic Empire
The Umayyad Empire
The Moorish Empire: The Moors of Iberia
Islamic Reformist Movements
Mulla Sadra
Asadabadi (Afghani)
Formative Years (1837-1859)
The Wandering Persian (1866-1868)
Egypt the Biggest Gamble (1871-1879)
Misguided Efforts (1880-1889)
Return of the Prodigal Son (1886-1891)
The End: Ottoman Empire (1892-1897)
Jamal al Din’s Position as an Islamic Thinker and Reformist
A Man for All Seasons
A Blueprint for an Islamic Government
A Program for Reform
On Democracy
On Women
On Modernization
On Implementation of Shari’a (Islamic Law)
On the Economy
Chapter IV: Religious Wars of the Middle-Ages
The Christian Crusades for Jerusalem
The Islamic Jihad for Recapturing Jerusalem
Chapter V: The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire
Chapter VI: Zionism and the Creation of the Jewish State

Love of Zion (Ahavat Zion)
Chapter VII: Islamic Fundamentalism: Its Roots in History and its Recent Revival
Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Moslemin)
Chapter VIII: Revival of the Medieval Conflict Between Christianity and Islam
New Call for Liberation of Jerusalem by Muslims
Revival of the Crusading Spirit among Christians
Evangelical Movement
Chapter IX: The Hope and the Realities
Concluding Remarks
Appendix A: Important Dates and Events

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