The 1500 Year War Between Christianity and Islam: Conquest, Crusaders, and Jihad

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(softcover) "This retrospective historical and political study is based on the premise that the knowledge of historical facts is important to understanding of the present world conflicts and those that might be developed in the future, and is capable of offering solutions for the resolutions of those conflicts. Since Islam as a religion has been the target of criticism as the supposed main cause of the spread of terrorism around the world, I have paid more attention to the history of development of that religion." -From the Author's Introduction

Table of Contents


Chapter I: Paradigmatic Discourse

Chapter II: Christianity and its Change Process

Chapter III: Islam and its Change Progress

Chapter IV: Religious Wars of the Middle-Ages

Chapter V: The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Chapter VI: Zionism and the Creation of the Jewish State

Chapter VII: Revival of the Medieval Conflict Between Christianity and Islam

Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Important Dates and Events



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