Ten Reformist Movements Within Islam: al-Ghazali to Khomeini (Softcover)

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(softcover) "[There are two] areas of inquiry of this book: historical and political. They are used in: (1) the interpretation of past relationships between the West and the world of Islam; (2) the analysis of the complexity of this relationship at present; and (3) the plausibility of development of a new paradigm based on respect for all civilizations co-existing side-by-side, thus avoiding catastrophic consequences for humanity. ...This retrospective historical and political study is based on the premise that the knowledge of historical facts is important to the understanding of present world conflicts and those that might be developed in the future, and is capable of offering solutions for the resolutions of those conflicts. Since Islam as a religion has been the target of criticism as the main cause of terrorism around the world, I have paid more attention to the history of development of that religion (its past as well as its reform movements), and less attention to the other two main world religions since Western readers should be more familiar with them." -From the Author's introduction

Table of Contents

Islamic Reform Movements
Mulla Sadra
Asadabadi (Afghani)
Formative Years (1837-1859)
The Wandering Persian (1866-1868)
Egypt, the Biggest Gamble (1871-1879)
Misguided Efforts (1880-1889)
Return of the Prodigal Son (1886-1891)
The End: Ottoman Empire (1892-1897)
Jamal al Din's Position as an Islamic Thinker and Reformist
Islamic Fundamentalism: Its Roots in History and its Recent Revival
The Hope and the Realities
Concluding Remarks
Appendix A: Important Dates and Events

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