Josiah Royce's Proposal How to Establish World Peace Using Business Rather Than International Law. An Alternative to Immanuel Kant's Perpetual Peace

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The focus of this monograph is Josiah Royce's imaginative proposal to preserve world peace by the virtue of international insurance. It offers possible reasons for his choice of insurance as an instrument of peace. Using World War One as a catalyst, Josiah Royce attempted to combine the art of statistics with the precepts of insurance to craft a scheme for international peace.


"Royce's vision of universal peace through international insurance falls generally within the tradition of Leibniz and Kant. For example, he, like Leibniz, built his ideas on an extant institution, the insurance industry. For Leibniz, that institution was the established political order of the Holy Roman Empire. Where Royce separates himself from Leibniz and Kant is his faith that a community of humankind might emerge within the framework of international commerce."

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Royce's Rationale

Chapter 2: Insurance for Peace

Chapter 3: The Community for Interpretation

Chapter 4: Critique

Chapter 5: Influence

Chapter 6: Royce on the Justice of War

Chapter 7: The Larger Significance of Royce's Insurance Scheme

Excursus: Royce's Philosophy of Community

Chapter 1: The Great Community

Chapter 2: Royce's Response to the Great War

Chapter 3: Royce's Communitarianism & the American Tradition

Chapter 4: Contemporary Lessons

Chapter 5: Epilogue

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