White Calvinists Fighting Against Black Slavery Before the Ratification of the American Constitution. A Collection of Eighteenth- Century Documents

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Professor Richard Hall has gathered the 18th-century Edwardsean anti-slavery writings that are presented in this book. Note that John Brown, a white man who sacrificed his life to free black slaves, had read these very documents and they influenced his decision to do what he did.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction by Richard A.S. Hall
2. “A Dialogue Concerning the Slavery of the Africans” (1776) by Samuel Hopkins
3. “An Address to the Owners of Negro Slaves in the American Colonies” (1776) by Samuel Hopkins
4. “The Slave Trade and Slavery” (1787) by Samuel Hopkins
5. “A Discourse Upon the Slave Trade and the Slavery of the Africans” (1793) by Samuel Hopkins
6. “The Injustice and Impolicy of the Slave Trade and of Slavery” (1791) by Jonathan Edwards Jr.

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