Political Principles of Senator Barry M. Goldwater as Revealed in His Speeches and Writings

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This book presents a selected compilation of Senator Barry M. Goldwater’s speeches and writings from the 1950s to the 1990s. Arranged chronologically, these primary source documents reveal the Senator’s position on deficit spending, defense, politics, foreign policy, Gay Rights, Native Americans, Civil Rights, the news media, natural resources, constitutional rights, freedom, evangelical preachers, and other topics dealing with the making of modern American political principles. With a comprehensive introduction, appendix of related speeches and writings, and list of suggested readings, this volume will be a welcome addition for librarians, historians, political scientists, government officeholders, and other people and groups interested in United States political history during the second half of the twentieth century.


“Taken as a complete body of work, this book presents a political figure who is very knowledgeable and thoughtful, not the caricature of a rash, trigger happy, crack pot as he was portrayed by his political opponents at the time and continues to tarnish his reputation today. This book helps to create a more accurate portrayal of this important and obviously thoughtful man.” – Prof. William C. Binning, Youngstown State University

“The book fills a real need for libraries, historians, and the general public. With a helpful bibliography, this volume offers an understanding of Goldwater in particular and conservatism in general as it manifested itself in the politics and issues of his lifetime.” -- Prof. Donald K. Pickens, University of North Texas

“[A] wealth of biographical and political primary source material along with contrasting political ideologies of tthe times make this volume a valuable resource for political research.” – Ms. Pam Gassler, Librarian, Mesa Community College

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Foreword by Dr. William C. Binning




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