American Mid-Term Elections of 1922

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This study offers an original account and analysis of the political fortunes of the Harding Administration at its mid-point, and of the public verdict upon the perceived record of the so-called “Do Nothing” Sixty-seventh Congress. This work reveals much about the political culture of the early 1920s, and the extent to which it reflected the many economic, social and cultural changes of the decade. It fills a surprising gap in the political history of the 1920s and paves the way for a proper understanding of the 1924 presidential election in which so many of the issues and personalities resurfaced.


“This text is invaluable for both the reader with broad interests in American history, as well as the specialist scholar ... Drawing upon an exceptional range of sources, perhaps its most significant contribution to scholarship is its use of a range of newspapers that enjoyed regional or even national reputations. It brings home forcefully the realisation that despite our multi-media age, we are arguably more distanced from the political process than Americans in the 1920s. This book illustrates the manner in which the public, as well as the professional politicians, engaged with the democratic process, and helped to forge for good or ill the modern political system.” - Dr. Oonagh Walsh, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Aberdeen

“Dr. Edward Ranson’s knowledge and command of this vast array of material is remarkable and constitutes perhaps the most impressive features of the work that has now produced.” - Dr. Roy Bridges, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Aberdeen

“Dr. Ranson’s study of the 1922 mid-term elections in the United States makes a useful contribution to the literature on American elections. It shows clearly the many cross-currents in American politics at a significant time when Americans were coming to terms with the legacies of World War One at home and abroad.” - Rosemary M. Tyzack, Honorary Lecturer, Department of History

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Oonagh Walsh
1 The Political Environment of 1921-1922
2 The Primaries
3 The Campaign
4 The Results
5 The Aftermath
Appendix A Gubernatorial Election Results 1922
Appendix B United States Senate Election Results 1922
Appendix C United States House of Representatives Election Results 1922
Appendix D Probable Wet and Dry Composition of 68th Congress following the 1922 Election
Appendix E Percentage of Possible Vote Cast in 1922 United States Senate Elections
Appendix F Selected Cartoons Relating to the 1922 Elections

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