Contemporary Observations of American Religion in the 1870s: Pulpits and Polemics

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This compilation of documents highlighting American religion in the 1870s offers insights into various denominations, issues, controversies, dogmas, and practices in the post-Civil War period. Included in the work are properly introduced sermons, letters, articles, church doctrines, speeches, writings, and other contemporary material.


“ . . .a wonderful step into a time machine for an eventful journey to an important decade in American politics and religion. . . .I am please to count it among my resources for sharing the message I am passionate about in the twenty-first century.” - Scott Kooiman, Senior Pastor, Desert Haven Community Church, Mesa, AZ

“Leonard Schlup and Mary Ann Blochowiak are to be congratulated for drawing our attention to the centrality of religious discourse to the issues of modernity emerging in the 1870s regarding gender, race, class, labor, capital, science, social justice, and the power of the state--questions with which we still continue to grapple with today.” - Ron Briley, Assistant Headmaster, Sandia Preparatory School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Most admirable concerning this work are the insightful and detailed introductions of each contemporary essay. Schlup and Blochowiak bring decades of editorial and historical expertise to their effort, resulting in an expertly crafted readings book.” - Dr. Kenny L. Brown, Professor of History, University of Central Oklahoma

Table of Contents

1 Plea for Religious Liberty - William H. Hooper
2 The American Problem - William Reed Huntington
3 The Reform of Judaism - Isaac Mayer Wise
4 The Sympathy of Religions - Thomas Wentworth Higginson
5 The Theological Department in a University - Samuel Harris
6 Letter on Romanian Jews to Benjamin F. Peixotto - Hamilton Fish
7 The Scriptural Element in Preaching - James M. Hoppin
8 Letter on Russian Mennonites to Hamilton Fish - Eugene Schuyler
9 Memorandum on the Legal Position of Hebrews in Russia - Eugene Schuyler
10 Statements on Beliefs - Seventh-day Adventists
11 Doctrinal Creeds as Tests of Church Membership - Kinsley Twining
12 Sermon Preached at Consecration of Bishop William H. Hare - Henry B. Whipple
13 Demands of Liberalism - Francis Ellingwood Abbot
14 The Mutual Obligations of Capital and Labor - William D. Wilson
15 The Canon on Ritual and the Holy Eucharist - James DeKoven
16 Rules that Should be Observed by Members of the United Order of Zion - Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints
17 Science and Theology - Joseph LeConte
18 Prayer of Columbus - Walt Whitman
19 Philadelphia Address on African Americans and Religion - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
20 Separation of Church and School - Ulysses S. Grant
21 The Social Principle among a People - Alexander Crummell
22 Teaching Christian Science - Mary Baker Eddy
23 Report of the Freedmen’s Aid Society - Methodist Episcopal Church
24 The Woman Question - Antoinette Brown Blackwell
25 Religion and the State - Samuel T. Spear
26 The Faith of Our Fathers - James Cardinal Gibbons
27 Women Preachers - Methodist Ministers Meeting
28 Reformed Judaism - Felix Adler
29 Instructions for Funeral Services and Burial - Brigham Young
30 Education for the Pulpit - John Smith Sewall
31 The Dogma of Hell - Octavius Brooks Frothingham
32 How Can Non-Church-Goers Be Reached? - Dwight L. Moody
33 The Disciples’ Prayer - Dwight L. Moody
34 Lectures on Preaching - Phillips Brooks
35 The Position of the Jews in America - Gustav Gottheil
36 What is Inspiration? - John Fiske
37 Encyclical Letter on Socialism - Pope Leo XIII
38 Moses, Progress, and Poverty - Henry George
39 Letter on the Alaskan Ministry to Sheldon Jackson - John G. Brady
40 The Watkins Convention - Freethinkers Association
41 Sensationalism in the Pulpit - William M. Taylor
42 Letter of Resignation from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - Crawford Howell Toy
43 Reynolds v. United States - Morrison R. Waite
44 The Public Preaching of Women - Robert Lewis Dabney
45 Needed Improvements in Public Worship - George Harris
46 The Influence of Jesus - Phillips Brooks
47 Some Mistakes of Moses - Robert G. Ingersoll
48 The Ministry of Tears - Thomas Dewitt Talmage
49 Old Faiths in New Light - Newman Smyth
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