Documents on the Status of Native Americans in the Late Nineteenth Century

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This work, with its boundless assortment of valuable primary source documents, offers both insights and challenges to understanding the complexities of Native American life. Among the issues addressed in this volume are treaty negotiations, court cases, Western Indian uprisings, the passage of the General Allotment (Dawes) Act, Christian Missionary activity, and the formation of the Indian Rights Association.


“If it is true, as I believe it to be, that original source documents are the heart and soul of the historian’s craft, then this manuscript is to the researcher of Native Americans and the Golden Age as the mother lode was to the California gold miner.” – Dr. Troy R. Johnson, Chair, American Indian Studies, California State University, Long Beach, CA

“Students could do no better than to utilize this excellent resource by Dr. Schlup and Ms. Blochowiak if they are pursuing a critical awareness of issues regarding Native Americans or if they are looking into commentary made by government defenders and detractors as well as the wider community’s perspective throughout this time period.” – R. Brett Davis, M.L.I.S., Librarian, Crownpoint Middle School, Gallup McKinley County Schools

“Those who delve into this period of American history will find this work engaging and useful in understanding the differences between the two cultures that has yet to be fully resolved.” – William D. Welge, M.A, Director of Research Division, Oklahoma Historical Society

Table of Contents

(A Selection for the work printed as two books):
Book One
1. Documents 1867-69
Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek, October 21, 28, 1867
Report of the Indian Peace Commission, January 7, 1868
Instructions to the Board of Indian Commissioners, Ely S. Parker and Ulysses S. Grant, May 26, 1869
2. Documents 1870-1879
Editorial, by Cheyenne (Wyoming) Daily Leader, March 9, 1870
Speech at Cooper Union, Red Cloud, July 16, 1870
Report on the Battle of Little Bighorn, Alfred H. Terry, July 8, 1876
Speech of Chief Joseph, January 14, 1879
United States v. Crook (5 Dillon, 453-469), Judge Elmer S. Dundy, 1879
3. Documents 1880-1889
Sitting Bull to William Selwyn and the President, 1881
Surrender of Geronimo, Oliver O. Howard, September 17, 1886
Indian Citizenship, Philip C. Garrett, 1886
General Allotment Act (Dawes Severalty Act), February 8, 1887
Book Two
4. Documents 1890-1899
The Messiah Letter, 1890
Letter to Editor of the Chicago Tribune, A Sioux Indian, 1890
Jerome Commission Report, March 3, 1893
Our Indian Problem, Lymann Abbott, December 1898
5. Documents 1900-1901
Impressions of an Indian Childhood, Zitkala-Sa, January 1900
The Zuni Indians, Matilda Coxe Stevenson, 1901
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