Jabir ibn Hayyan's Corpus: An Exhaustive Analysis of Original Arabic Texts and Extant Manuscripts of one of the Earliest Muslim Scientists 103-200 AH / 721-815 AD

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"I present a detailed and analytical study of Jabir's corpus, first by classifying his books and treatises into specific categories based on how Jabir himself indexed his books and based on how Ibn al-Nadim classified the books of Jabir. ...This book covers Jabir's corpus and topics with details by analyzing the original writings of Jabir including many of his manuscripts that are not published yet." -Mashhad Al-Allaf (Preface)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Jabirian Corpus: Analytical Study of His Ideas
Ibn al-Nadim on the Classification of Jabir's books
Analysis of some of Jabir's Books
Revealing the Secrets of Chemistry: A Paradigm Shift
The Importance of Jabir's Rejection
Chapter 2: Jabir in the Latin World
On the Modes of Translation
On the Vocabulary Dominance of the Defeated Language
Books Translated by Year 1300
A Condensed History of Latin Translations of Arabic Chemical Works
Chapter 3: Geber pseudo-problem
Ruska's Claim Proven as a Wrong Claim
Berthelot's Claim Proven as a Claim of Ignorance
The Latin Books of Geber Are in Fact Books of Jabir Ign Hayyan
Refuting Ruska, Berthelot, and Solving Geber Pseudo-Problem
Kitab al Umm

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