The Original Texts of Islamic Philosophy From Al-Kindi to Muhammad Iqbal

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Dr. Mashbad Al-Allaf presents and interprets the ideas and philosophy of the major figures of Islamic philosophy, interpreted by Dr. Al-Allaf.


"It is important in a book like this to point to the impact of science on philosophy. Especially to the new concepts introduced by science in relation to mathematics, time, and infinity as related to the philosophical issue of the eternity of the world and the Qur'anic concept of time. In addition, to the new scientific concepts related to space, motion, and matter, as related to the very concept of inertia; were Muslim scholars had difficulty accepting the reversed law of inertia presented by Aristotle in a static universe, while the Qur'an stated clearly that everything is in a continuous motion in a dynamic world view."
From the Preface

Table of Contents




Intellectual Elements

Chapter 1: The Epistemological Paradigm

Chapter 2: Islamic Theology ('Ilm Al-Kalam)

Chapter 3: The Movement of Translations into Arabic

Chapter 4: The Philosophy of Jabir Ibn Hayyan

Chapter 5: Al-Kindi

Chapter 6: Ar-Razi

Chapter 7: Al-Farabi

Chapter 8: Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

Chapter 9: The Rise of Sufism

Chapter 10: Al-Ghazali

Chapter 11: The Less Famous Philosophers and Thinkers in Islamic Civilization

Chapter 12: Islamic Philosophy in Spain

Chapter 13: Ibn Bajja (Avempace)

Chapter 14: Ibn Tufail

Chapter 15: Ibn Rushd (Averroes)

Chapter 16: Mulla Sadra

Chapter 17: Ibn Taymiyya

Chapter 18: Muhammad Iqbal

Chapter 19: Criticism of Philosophy in the Islamic Culture

Chapter 20: Concluding Remarks


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