Basic Ideas and Institutions of Islam: A Comparative Introduction

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This work is an excellent resource for better understanding the Islamic faith. The study incorporates short stories, tables, and charts into this comprehensive introduction to the complexities of Islam.


“In the past few years there has been an explosion in the number of books in Islam in the English language. Despite this literary output, however, there is still a lack of credible basic resources on Islam. Professor Al-Allaf’s [book] will go a long way to fill the vacuum. The author’s commanding knowledge of Islamic spirituality, law and philosophy make this an excellent introductory text for these particular Islamic sciences.”- Dr. Macksood Aftab, Executive Editor, Journal of Islamic Philosophy

"There are of course many books written on Islam, its philosophy, its metaphysics, its legal and social aspects; but this book distinguishes itself and provides its raison d’etre by making clear and accessible the basic tenets, history and unique “coloration” of the religion in a manner that is both interesting and enlightening. It should pave the way toward a better understanding of a religion that has often been misunderstood in today’s world." - Prof. John Herlihy, The Petroleum Institute

Table of Contents

Introduction: A story of a Professor
1. Definitions and the Story of Creation
2. The Life of the Prophet Muhammad
3. Islam: Faith and Rituals – Islam, Iman, and Ihsan
4. The Islamic Law (Shari’ah)
5. Islamic Sciences and Knowledge
6. Islamic State
7. Islamic Stories and Poetry

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