THE THEORY OF SCIENCE: A Philosophical Investigation Into the Symbolic Reduction of Experience

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This book asserts that what makes science “science” can only be the peculiar mode of its exercise of reason. Its essential content is a careful analysis first of the Euclidean paradigm for systematic intellectual work and then of the Newtonian paradigm for the particular intellectual work of the scientist which has so often been confounded with it.


“Roscoe’s new essay on the philosophy of science is a provocatively and elegantly written work. It is immensely ambitious in attempting as it does an original synthesis of the “syntactical” and “semantic” approaches to a theory of science, but the result is as serious and stimulating as it is unexpected. Whether or not his thesis is ultimately accepted the field is significantly enriched by his novel approach. The appearance of such a complex and original book can only be applauded.” – Bjorn Olav Roaldseth, University of Stavanger

”John Roscoe has followed up his recent book on the philosophy of language with a masterful volume on the philosophy of science which succeeds in relating the two disciplines in an intriguing and quite unprecedented way. He brings an unusual clarity of imaginataion to bear in making explicit the connexion between symbols and raw experience. It is difficult to imagine the philosophical student of science who would not benefit from reading it. I enthusiastically recommend this bold and lucid work.” – Prof. Marie Smith Solbakken, Stavanger University

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