Influence of Daoism on Asian-Canadian Writers

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The first English monograph to focus on the impact of Daoism/Taoism on Asian North American writers. The book focuses on four areas: aesthetics, poetics, politics, and moral-cosmological visions.


“Since hardly anyone in the world has approached Asian Canadian literature and Asian American literatures from this unique, interdisciplinary Daoist perspective on a full and large scale, the task is formidable. Nonetheless, the author handles it admirably. The command of Chinese literature from antiquity to the modern, and of Chinese Canadian and Chinese American literatures, is equally solid. Its near exhaustive research will no doubt invite others not only to partake of the wealth of challenging finds, but also to make new contributions along the same path.” – Prof. Yuhua Ji, Xiamen University

“. . . this work helps us in a refreshing way to understand the vital importance of a Chinese philosophical-poetic tradition equal to that of the biblical or the Greek.” – Prof. Hongbo Jia, Xiamen University

“Original insights abound. Needless to say, Daoism is far from an easy subject for Chinese and foreign scholars; however, this work deftly and definitively demystifies and popularizes many key tenets and principles of creativity . . .” – Prof. Yupei Zhou, Kent State University

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements and Foreword
Introduction: Mouthing, (En)gendering, and Celebrating Differences: Aesthetics, Poetics, Politics, and Moral-Cosmological Vision
1. “Balancing the Yin and the Yang” (Woodcock): The Cardinal Creative Principle, Imagery, and Symbolism in Male Writers’ Works
2. The Yin/Yang Principle and the Moral Cosmological View in Female Feminist Writers
3. The Moon, the Sun, and Humanity
4. Poetizing and/as Painting “Mountains and Water” in Unity and Harmony
5. In Pursuit of the “Peaceable Kingdom” (Frye): Gardens and Fields and/in the Daoist Universe
6. Circles/Cycles and the Daoist Principles of Return as Renewal and Reversal
7. Nothing Doing, Everything Done – “Prologue: New Moon” (SKY Lee)

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