Thomas Becket and Boniface of Savoy Resisting the English Kings. The Condemnations of 1270-1277, Opposing the Faculty at the Universities of Paris and Oxford

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Studies the register, curriculum, the students and faculty life of medieval universities from 1200-1450. The author’s primary concern is to explain how these universities played a role in condemning, and later accepting the theology of Thomas Aquinas.


“Upon reading Dr. Wilshire’s exploration… it would be historiographically irresponsible to simply conclude that Thomas (Aquinas) was always well received. Though the condemnations (1270 -1277) were not specifically directed against Thomas, the task of discerning this from the extant texts themselves is invaluable.”
-Prof. Greg Peters,
Biola University

“This remarkable historical analysis by Dr. Wilshire, is a forensic examination of the powers and influences available and used by medieval archbishops of Canterbury, in resistance and rebellion.”
-Prof. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword: by Dr. Greg Peters
First Section:
- Archbishops of Canterbury Thomas Becket and Boniface of Savoy in Opposition to the Kings of England
Preface to First Section:
Chapter One:
- Archbishop of Canterbury Boniface of Savoy in resistance to King Henry III
Chapter Two:
- Thrust and Parry: The influences and powers of a thirteenth century archbishop and the king’s ability to deflect them.
Chapter Three:
- “Of Savoy,” reality and hagiography on the continent relating to Boniface of Savoy
Chapter Four
- Ripped pages, a pot of glue and vellum slips: revisions of Matthew Paris done to his popular chronicles relating to Archbishop Boniface of Savoy
Chapter Five:
- A Final Look at Archbishop of Canterbury Boniface of Savoy and what effect he had on the future English State
Second Section
- The Condemnations of 1270 and 1277 and the Faculty in the Paris and Oxford Universities
Preface to Second Section:
Chapter One
- Bishop of Paris Steven Tempier and the Paris Condemnations of 1270
Chapter Two:
- Using the Statistical Analysis of Roland Hissette on the Paris Condemnations of 1277
Chapter Three
- Were the 1277 Paris Condemnations directed against Aquinas?
Chapter Four:
- faculty members Siger of Brabant and Boethius of Dacia and the Paris Condemnations of 1270 and 1277
Chapter Five:
- Siger of Brabant in “Paradise?” What was behind the conflict between the Popes, Bishops and theologians with the Arts Faculty at the University of Paris?
Chapter Six:
- Siger of Brabant as interpreted by modern scholars and the positing of a new interpretive approach
Chapter Seven:
- Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Kilwardby and the Oxford Condemnations of 1277
Chapter Eight:
- The Oxford Condemnations of 1277: An English Translation
Chapter Nine
- Were the Oxford Condemnations of 1277 directed against Aquinas?
Chapter Ten
- Archbishop of Canterbury John Peckham and Further usage of the Oxford Condemnations of 1277
- Robert Grosseteste’s “Cosmology of Light,” Christian Apologetics and the New Physics

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