Rev. William Carwardine and the Pullman Strike of 1894. The Christian Gospel and Social Justice

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Of particular concern in this study is the transition in values in the late 1800s as manifested in the relations between labor and management. Discusses the context within which the Pullman Strike of 1894 took place, the predominant values to which it was reacting, the activities of Carwardine, and the rationale for his defense of labor when it was extremely unpopular to do so. This book is based upon primary source material, much of which has never before been presented. The book is a valuable contribution to labor, church and U.S. social history, and also sheds light on contemporary American dynamics.


". . . Cobb provides a thorough summary and analysis of both Carwardine's most famous sermon against the corporation, and Carwardine's invaluable description, The Pullman Strike. . . . . Cobb adds an important local dimension to the account of this monumental labor conflict, as well as bringing into focus a heretofore obscure Christian socialist." - William Vance Trollinger

".. . here we have a seminal work in two main areas: economic history and Christian social ethics. Dr.Cobb has succeeded admirably in a rigorous course of research in the papers of Carwardine and historical sources relevant to his times. He had access to the privately-held papers, and was thus able to round-out a very significant episode, as well as develop the personalities of the chief protagonists. The result is a very readable account of one of the principal conflicts in the socio-economic history of the United States." - F.A. Norwood

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