Grace and Law in Second Isaiah

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Develops the thesis that II Isaiah presented a message that included the themes of both grace and law. Although II Isaiah did not refer explicitly to the covenant at Mount Sinai or invoke its obligations, Isaiah's frequent use of formulas of divine self-predication, such as "I am the Lord," indicated that the close interrelationship of the themes of grace and law was integral to the structure of his thought.


". . . a decisive step towards a revised comprehensive view of the message of 2 Isaiah." - Bjorn O. Kvam in Religious Studies Review

". . . shares valuable insights into the phrase "I AM" spoken by God and found throughout the Bible and specifically in the second part of Isaiah." - The Bible Today

". . . differs from other studies in that [Harner] discovers more emphasis on covenant and obligation (Sinai) . . . . his total argument is sound . . . . includes a helpful table of the three divine self-predications as used in 2 Isaiah . . . . [Harner's] 193 passages are worth every cent of the price of this book." - Millard C. Lind, in Journal of Biblical Literature

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