Structure and Composition of Jeremiah 50:2 - 51:58

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Using rhetorical, textual, form, and redaction criticism, six individual poems can be discerned in Jeremiah 50-51, each with its own distinctive structure, theme, and image patterns. The delimination of the six poems leads to a significant number of exegetical gains and makes better sense of these chapters in their parts and as a whole. Although the material in Jeremiah 50-51 has often received negative assessments from scholars, the poetry when carefully analyzed no longer seems disjointed or overly repetitious. The poetry has received scant scholarly attention, perhaps because of the vengefulness that characterizes it. In addition, within this material the popular theologies of the time are challenged and the sovereignty of God is emphatically affirmed.


". . . a cogent and significant volume on this much neglected body of literature. Her work makes an important contribution to our understanding and appreciation of this corpus. . . . Bellis's delimination of the individual poems leads to significant exegetical gains in our understanding of the book of Jeremiah. Her work is rigorous, systematic, and convincingly and carefully written." - Louis Stulman

"While the text-critical notes are extensive, the bulk of B.'s book, however, is devoted to the text's images, to mythical elements, and to literary devices such as change of speaker, flashback scenes, and poetic fictions." - Old Testament Abstracts

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