Nations in Deutero-Isaiah. A Study on Composition and Structure

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A study of Deutero-Isaiah's controversial attitude toward the nations: some find a theology of mission in Isaiah 40-55, while others claim that the prophet was an extreme nationalist. Discusses the place of the nations in Deutero-Isaiah from four perspectives using an eclectic blend of rhetorical and form criticism called compositional analysis.


"Extensive treatment is given to relevant pericopes by means of translation, textual notes, and exegetical discussion. The author is well-versed in the secondary literature; helpful indexes are provided. . . . [Wilson's] limpid survey opens a window on the implications of a universalism that goes beyond the vista of a sixth-century prophet of the Exile." - Casimir Bernas in Religious Studies Review

"This interesting and unusual book attempts two very different tasks. Its literary analysis is an eclectic blend of rhetorical criticism and form criticism, which Wilson terms `compositional analysis'. . . . This is an important contribution. . . " - Law, Religion, and Theology

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