Harner, Philip B.

Grace and Law in Second Isaiah
1988 0-88946-087-6
Develops the thesis that II Isaiah presented a message that included the themes of both grace and law. Although II Isaiah did not refer explicitly to the covenant at Mount Sinai or invoke its obligations, Isaiah's frequent use of formulas of divine self-predication, such as "I am the Lord," indicated that the close interrelationship of the themes of grace and law was integral to the structure of his thought.

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Relation Analysis of the Fourth Gospel: A Study in Reader Response Criticism
1993 0-7734-2364-8
The method of relation analysis seeks to identify and delineate the primary forms of relationship that John presents in the text of his gospel, with special attention to their significance for John's understanding of Christian faith. This analysis occurs within the context of reader-response criticism, since the network may be understood as constituting the narrative world that the author invites the reader to affirm. The study also calls attention to strategies that the author employs to encourage the reader in actualizing or completing the text.

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