Old Testament Canon in the Old Testament Church. The Internal Rationale for Old Testament Canonicity

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"An argument that the Old Testament, in its parts, originated as written documents, immediately accepted as divinely revealed, in the presence of many witnesses. Even the genealogies and stories of Genesis reflect historical facts. At times the style is sophisticated, at other times chatty and imaginative. . . ." - The Bible Today

". . . Vasholz argues persuasively. . . .his contribution will now be part of the ongoing discussion on the Old Testament canon." - The Reformed Theological Review

"Tasty morsels abound throughout this seemingly staid consideration of a difficult area of study. . . . The development of each chapter is scholarly and thorough. Footnotes are clear. References to Scripture abound. . . . Although this study will be used most by specialists, every serious investigator should consider it. Pastors with a continuing interest in the Old Testament will certainly benefit from an immediate reading and future reference." - Calvary Baptist Theological Journal

"Especially helpful is a discussion of the concept of canonicity as it existed in both Hebrew and ancient Near Eastern literary tradition. Here Vasholz demonstrates a wide command of comparative languages and texts and uses them helpfully. . . . The approach taken by Vasholtz is unique and persuasive. . . . refreshingly nondogmatic." - Criswell Theological Review

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