Subject Area: Science & Math

Promoting Science Literacy for Students with Disabilities
 Nkabinde, Zandile P.
2022 1-4955-0962-1 192 pages
From the Foreword, by Dr. Florence Kiragu Nyamu:
In Promoting Science Literacy for Students with Disabilities, Dr. Zandile Nkabinde explores the benefits and opportunities of science literacy for learners with exceptionalities. It is based on the recognition that students who are mild and high functioning are capable of learning science when accomodations and adaptations are made to ensure their success.

Price: $159.95

The Original Texts of Islamic Philosophy From Al-Kindi to Muhammad Iqbal
 Al-Allaf, Mashhad
2021 1-4955-0892-7 724 pages
Dr. Mashbad Al-Allaf presents and interprets the ideas and philosophy of the major figures of Islamic philosophy, interpreted by Dr. Al-Allaf.

Price: $379.95