Promoting Science Literacy for Students with Disabilities

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From the Foreword, by Dr. Florence Kiragu Nyamu:
In Promoting Science Literacy for Students with Disabilities, Dr. Zandile Nkabinde explores the benefits and opportunities of science literacy for learners with exceptionalities. It is based on the recognition that students who are mild and high functioning are capable of learning science when accomodations and adaptations are made to ensure their success.


Chapter 1) Introduction
Chapter 2) Understanding Diversities in Science Teaching and Learning
Chapter 3) Instructional Strategies to Improve Science Literacy
Chapter 4) Early Science Literacy and the Role of the Home Environment
Chapter 5) Using Technology to Promote Science Literacy
Chapter 6) Accommodations and Adaptations in Teaching Science to Students with Disabilities
Chapter 7) Challenges to Promoting Science Literacy
Chapter 8) Teaching Science across Disciplines
Chapter 9) Collaboration among Science and Special Education Teachers
Chapter 10) What Policy Makers Can Do to Promote Science Literacy in Special Education

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