Subject Area: History-Ancient

A History of the Goddess Isis (hard cover)
 Lombardi, Chiara
2021 1-4955-0890-0 560 pages
Hardcover book/30 color images. From the author: "The analysis of the figure of Isis appears to be distinguished by studies that have only rarely been devoted to an overall view of the role of the goddess. ...The purpose of [this] study is precisely to give an organic contribution to the different material on Isis so far published. But [the] goal is also to understand who Isis is originally and how Isis has been transformed over time. ...[T]his is not a mutation of her original being, but an extension of her prerogatives, due both to the typicality of the Egyptian religion, and to her character that binds her deeply to human feeling."

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How Africans Shaped Biblical History: The Descendants of Ham
 Hardy, William Harold
2019 1-4955-0749-1 116 pages
This is first comprehensive scriptural study of African stories found in the Bible. It had its genesis in classes at Vanderbilt University School of Divinity with the late Dr. Walter J. Harrelson, a Hebrew Bible Scholar. This work focuses on a historical background for an African-centered perspective in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

Price: $99.95

On Celestial Signs (De Ostentis)
 Bandy, Anastasius
2012 0-7734-4524-2 292 pages

Price: $199.95

On Powers, or the Magistracies of the Roman State (De Magistratibus Republicae Romanae)
 Bandy, Anastasius
2012 0-7734-4526-9 364 pages

Price: $239.95

On the Months (De Mensibus): Three Works of Ioannes Lydus
 Bandy, Anastasius
2012 0-7734-4522-6 348 pages
The objective of this edition is textual and translational in nature. Since the works of Lydus are replete with Latin vocabulary, this book serves to bring it into English. The translation is faithful to the original and accurate so as to express Lydus’ intended thoughts. His repetitious use of certain linguistic expressions, although sometimes awkward to render to English, have been retained in order to capture his peculiar linguistic and seemingly crabbed style. The book tries to put his words into working English for the first time, and the translators were meticulous in trying to do a tight word for word translation based on the text, free from interpretation.

Price: $219.95

The African and Arabian Origins of the Hebrew Bible: An Ethnohistorical Study
 Reynolds-Marniche, Dana
2020 1-4955-0817-X 408 pages
This monograph looks into the African and Arabian roots of the Hebrew Bible, a subject that is rarely discussed in Biblical studies. Dr. Reynolds-Marniche looks into the importance of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula culture in discussions of the Hebrew Bible.

Price: $259.95

The Emergence of the Virgin Mary After Isis, Artemis and Others: From the Black Madonna to the Theotokos
 Donalson, Malcolm Drew
2022 1-4955-1043-3 84 pages
"The purpose of this study is to create a fundamental element for understanding the figure of Mary, the development of her cult from the New Testament era through the reigns of some outstanding empresses of Byzantium, in comparison and contrast with some characteristics she shared with female deities that preceded her. It should reveal Mary as relatively unique and, to a significant degree, independent of her supposed 'forerunners.'" -From the Author's Preface

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The Praxis of Inequality: A Study of Three Ancient Agricultural Societies (Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia)
 Inbody, Joel
2022 1-4955-0974-5 256 pages
From the Introduction (pg. 9):
"In this book I have made an effort to reconstruct what inequality looked like in three ancient agricultural societies: the kingdoms of Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt. The inequality I consider in these societies was not defined in terms of gold, silver, or property, but in terms of a person's diet and command of excess food and drink. In simple terms, I will argue that elites in these agricultural societies enjoyed an upper-class lifestyle because they served food and drink offerings to gods. Those offerings were produced primarily by non-elites, who believed gods dined on them But the truth is that elites divided food and drink offerings among themselves. Religion disguised the fact that feasting rituals for gods amounted to a redistribution of resources."

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Vlfberht, The Sword Master: A Re-evaluation Based on 9th-11th Century Swords with the Signature Vlfberht on the Blade and on Contemporary Written Sources
 Stalsberg, Anne
2017 1-4955-0610-X 72 pages
This study contains information about 167 swords from 23 European countries. These swords are kept in several museums in Europe (and one in the USA). Apart from the swords in the museum where I worked for 40 years, the 167 swords, about which I have collected information of different qualities, constitute as a basis for a discussion of who and what Ulfberht may have been, - a question which may be studied based on only mediaeval written sources. The discussion of Ulfberht’s position in the sword production is the main issue of this book, since it needs critical discussion. This study is based both on archaeological and historical, i.e. written mediaeval sources.

Price: $79.95