The African and Arabian Origins of the Hebrew Bible: An Ethnohistorical Study

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This monograph looks into the African and Arabian roots of the Hebrew Bible, a subject that is rarely discussed in Biblical studies. Dr. Reynolds-Marniche looks into the importance of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula culture in discussions of the Hebrew Bible.


“Ultimately, this book should be recognized for the singular contribution it makes to several overlapping but distinct fields of research – Biblical Studies, Arabic, Islamic Studies, and the history of religion. This book will be read by scholars and lay people interested in how to understand the Bible and from where it came, but more importantly this book will be read by people who are not accustomed to accepting the reigning standard ‘orthodox’ definitions of the Bible.”
Professor Brannon Wheeler,
United States Naval Academy

Table of Contents



Author Preface

I. Introduction

II. The Discovery and Implications of “Afro-Tihamah” Civilization

III. Authenticating the “Children of Abraham”

IV. Biblical Exegesis in All the Wrong Places

V. Israelites and Judeans in their Yemenite Context

VI. De-Mystifying the Folk of Noah

VII. Reassessing the “Genuine Arab”

VIII. Southern Arabia and the Song of Dabarah

IX. Conclusion

X. Maps

XI. Bibliography


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