Using Assistive Technologies for Instructing Students with Disabilities: A Survey of New Resources

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“This text is an essential resource for all educators. It is a practical guide for teachers to increase their efficacy in the use of technology and teaching students with disabilities. A wealth of information regarding assistive technology and distance education provides tools for teachers to optimize their students’ learning. The clarity of writing and thoughtful field-based ideas makes this book a pleasure to read.” – Effie Papoutisis Kritikos, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Special Education, Northeastern Illinois University

“Dr. Barry Birnbaum...has completed a very comprehensive new book looking at the emerging field of assistive technology...thoroughly covers the technology questions at hand and should be considered a leading work in the field...Dr. Birnbaum has produced a work of currently relevant, seminal research to this work, but of particular note is the inclusion of the often uncomfortable technological questions concerning appropriate applications, advantages and limitations of technology-based teaching. Dr. Birnbaum’s work clearly indicates he is knowledgeable and current in the still pioneering field of technology-based instruction, particularly as applicable to distance education and non-traditional students.” – Norman Dale Norris, Ed.D., Nicholls State University

Table of Contents

1. Using and Selecting Technology for the Classroom
2. Human Factors and Technology
3. The Information Age
4. Electronic Research and Texts
5. Electronic Portfolios
6. Digital Teaching Portfolios
7. Creating a Classroom Environment for Technology
8. Using Technology with Exceptional Children
9. Assessing Children with Disabilities and Technology
10. Teaching Online

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