Connecting Special Education and Technology for the 21st Century

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"This study contains research and data that will make the transition for educators easier, particularly those who work with special populations. Dr. Birnbaum's work has been well researched and is based upon sound theoretical frameworks. Most importantly, it provides a practical yet solid plan for explaining to the reader how seminal technology is directed to both the student and the teacher. The organization of the manuscript flows logically, the information in the chapters is easily locatable, and is educator user-friendly. . . . provides valuable information to a relatively new field. It is a foundation upon which universities and schools can build their training programs. There is no doubt that this work is an essential reference for those who work in any aspect of education." – Dr. Polly W. Peterson

". . . a seminal work that provides the scholar with practical yet research-based techniques applicable to making technology a part of everyday life in the office as well as in the classroom. The ideas discussed in this document provide a foundation for educators across the world as they begin to integrate technology into all aspects of the school and university curriculum." – Thomas F. Reilly

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Preface by Thomas F. Reilly


2.Staff Training

3.Purchasing Hardware, Software, and peripherals

4.Incorporating Technology into Learning: Mathematics; Interdisciplinary Strategies; Physical Education; Digital Technology and Literacy; Visual Technology and Electronic Media; Science

5.Technology , Special Education, and the Curriculum: Strategies for the Best Practices


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