Foundations and Practices in the Use of Distance Education

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This book provides an overview of how distance education has become an important part of post-secondary education. It also traces the history of distance education and reviews its early foundations. The book also provides a study of how distance education has evolved from simple correspondence schools to more sophisticated settings found today on college campuses. A review of the necessary technologies provides the reader with a clear understanding of how it has impacted the direction higher education will take. From a discussion about the development of educational policy to establishing collaborative communities of learners, the book provides an in-depth look at issues that colleges and universities will have to face it they are to remain competitive. This book will prepare institutions of higher education for meeting the needs of students in the 21st century.


“. . . his book will prove a valuable asset to universities, post secondary institutions, and to others considering distance learning options. Additionally, students of instructional technology will find it a valuable textbook. His book provides an in-depth treatment of the field, offering critical reflection, and is written in an understandable and readable manner. The book presents the realities of planning and implementing distance learning projects. It provides means by which key players are able to define their respective roles and responsibilities. The book offers methods which foster partnerships leading to effective programs, and provides the necessary detail for program design. . . . a valuable resource.” – Jeffrey Messerer

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (main headings):
1. Definitions, History, and Emerging Issues of Distance Education
2. Foundations of Distance Education
3. Developing a Distance Education Policy
4. Planning and Developing a Distance Education Program: Leadership Issues
5. The Technologies that Make Up Distance Education
6. Developing and Teaching an Online Course
7. Assessment and Evaluation in Distance Education
8. Collaboration and Team Building
9. The Future
References; Index

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