Theory of Iconic Realism: Understanding the Arts Through Cultural Context

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Artists in literature, fine art and music affect their audiences’ awareness of possibilities in cultural change through their use of iconic realism by representing concepts in need of transformation. The study of iconic realism offers an exploration of semiotic theory and iconic structures within the arts.


“[Lakatos’] theme—the effects of the signifier that is dislocated from its usual context and situated anew—while resonating with Renaissance and Romantic notions of ‘discordia concors’ and the Russian Formalist concept of defamiliarization, offers an innovative way of thinking about meaning-making both in the creation and interpretation of works of art.” – Prof. Karen K. Jambeck, Ridgefield, Connecticut

“. . . a comprehensive theoretical presentation connecting are forms to cultural meanings.” – Prof. Marjorie Salem, Western Connecticut State University

“As a professor, one of the most difficult tasks I have in teaching writers creative process, is helping them discover ways to develop and use processes. Lakatos’ theory offers a narrative foundation for students to know when they too are in the presence of true art.” – Prof. Lionel C. Bascom, Western Connecticut State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Karen Jambeck
1. Semiotic Theory
2. Study of Realism
3. Iconic Structures in Literature
4. Iconic Structures in Art
5. Iconic Structures in Music
6. Application of Iconic Realism to Cultural Studies

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