Innovations in Rhetoric in the Writing of Sydney Owenson (lady Morgan, 1781-1859): Creating a New Type of Anglo-Irish Narration to Describe the Events of a Revolutionary Time

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An illuminating study of Irish literature from a women’s perspective demonstrating the creative fervor of rebellion against imperialism that extended from the Enlightenment era into the Romantic nineteenth century. This insightful study of human rights and Owenson’s literary response to political changes in Ireland reveals how the author used pragmatic rhetorical devices to positively influence her readers.


“This comprehensive study presents the Act of Union (1801), the history of human rights, and Sydney Owenson’s literary response to political changes in Ireland. What is particularly fascinating about the analysis is Lakatos’ theory of iconic realism and the manner in which it connects to Owenson’s narratives of women’s rights and human activism.”
Marjorie Byiteck-Salem,
Adjunct Professor of Writing
Western Connecticut State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Marjorie Byiteck-Salem
Chapter I:
Philosophical Influences in Owenson’s Writing
Chapter II:
Composition and Rhetoric in Early Nineteenth Century Ireland
Chapter III:
Revolutionary Rhetoric and Human Rights: Pamphlets, Speeches and Novels
Chapter IV:
Etic and Emic Analysis of Owenson’s Rhetorical Style
Chapter V:
Gender, Revolutionary Rhetoric and Human Rights in the Literature of Sydney Owenson and her Contemporaries
Chapter VII:
Owenson’s Works, 1825-1841: Political Influences, Revolutionary Rhetoric, Linguistic Variations, and Reader Response

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