New Concept of Art and Popular Culture in Nicaragua Since the Revolution in 1979 an Analytical Essay and Compendium of 185 Illustrations

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Provides the most definitive assessment so far of the arts in Nicaragua since 1979, with analyses of specific cultural policies and particular artworks associated with them. Demonstrates why the concept of art being advanced is innovative in relation to that of most earlier revolutions and how the ideological pluralism on which it is based is fundamentally at odds with the earlier doctrine of Socialist Realism.


"In addition to his own perceptive analysis and expert commentaries, the author makes excellent use of dozens of observations and evaluations by artists, intellectuals, workers, and diplomats. These are further enhanced by the incorporation of commentaries by some of Nicaragua's best-known cultural and political figures: Ernesto Cardenal, Daisy Zamora, Gioconda Belli, Gergio Ramirez, Omar Cabezas, Rosario Murillo, and Tomas Borge, among others. . . . a valuable and welcomed contribution to a subject that has been generally neglected in the vast amount of literature produced about the Nicaraguan Revolution since 1979." - Felix Masud-Piloto

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