Theological Ethics of Friedrich Schleiermacher

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The range and versatility of the intellectual accomplishments of Friedrich Schleiermacher have been the scene of much scrutiny and recognition since his passing in 1834. The subjects of this study have been provided by both his published writings during his lifetime and the great amount of lecture material that comprise his literary remains. The material that Schleiermacher singled out from the exceptionally large deposit of lectures over many philosophical and theological subjects were those on philosophical dialectic and on Christian ethics.


“Dr. Park’s writing here develops the continuity between Schleiermacher’s doctrine of faith and its ethical expression in Christian human action ... The last two chapters of this book present an analysis of Schleiermacher’s Christian ethics, drawing on both the Jonas edition and the recent alternative manuscript edition of Hermann Pieter. This represents a vast range of material, and Dr. Park provides a valuable analytical structuring of it for the reader.” – Jack C. Verheyden, Claremont School of Theology, California

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Christian Religious Self-Consciousness
3. Christian Protestant Ethics
4. Christological Foundations
5. Theological Methodology of Christian Ethics
6. Schema of Christian Ethics
7. Summary and Conclusion

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