Reconciliation of Classes and Races: How Religion Contributes to Politics and Law

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This book proposes reconciliation as an ethic for fractured relationships in multiracial and multiethnic societies. The work traces the origin of reconciliation in various religions and philosophies and proposes how it can provide a common framework to govern society. Includes detailed case studies on making reconciliation between ethnic groups possible in the United States and Malaysia.


“[The author] argues convincingly that healing a polarized land requires not only reconciling relations of one individual with another, but also justice embedded in the law and Constitution, arising out of democratic discussion and consensus-seeking in a context of free speech.” – Prof. Glenn Harold Stassen, Fuller Theological Seminary

“. . . will be of interest in a wide variety of social contexts, as people struggle to redress past wrongs and to refashion life together amid the tensions of multicultural community.” – Prof. Joseph E. Bush, Jr., United Theological Seminary

“. . . an important addition to those in the field of conflict resolution, in general, and restorative justice, in particular, that push toward approaches that are more accurately characterized as “conflict transformation” rather than simply efforts to “manage” conflict within existing social structures.” -Prof. Howard J. Vogel, Hamline University School of Law

Table of Contents

Preface by Glenn Harold Stassen
1. Intersections in Religion, Politics, and Law
2. The Processes of Forgiveness
3. The Processes of Repentance
4. Justice
5. Renewing Community
6. Racial policy and Reconciliation in Two Nations

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