Encyclopedia of Chuvash Folk Rites and Beliefs

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An encyclopedia that covers a scientific study of the religions and customs of the Chuvash. This book is written in Russian.


"... has a noble and positive function to preserve [the] most valuable traditional heritage and can be of great use not only to the Chuvash people, but to all those who share [the] understanding of the invariable value of the national tradition for human dignity and spiritual life." Prof. S.A. Arutyunov, Russian Academy of Sciences

"... a fundamental work. ... completely covering traditional national Chuvash religion in one volume." -- Prof. N.L. Zhukovskaya, Russian Academy of Sciences

"... a landmark in the development of Russian religious Studies and [it] will contribute to the spread of new scientific ideas and knowledge." -- Prof. M.F. Albedil, Russian Academy of the Sciences

Table of Contents

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2. ???????????

3. ????????

4. ??????

5. Conclusions

6. ???????? ?????????

7. ?????????????? ??????????

8. ???????? ??????????

9. ???????/Glossary

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