Holiness as a Root of Morality

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The multifarious collection of writings in this book testifies to the variety of John Wesley studies. This book contains almost every subject in Wesleyan studies: Wesleyan spirituality, theology, ethics, biblical studies, Christian education, administration, and even the Wesleyan academic tradition. Writers are from many diverse backgrounds, constituting internationally well-known scholars from Korea, Australia and the United States; three university presidents of the university; and a missionary. All of the contributors personally know Dr. Lane A. Scott, who is not only a Wesleyan scholar, but a life entirely dedicated and committed to John Wesley’s teachings on holiness and has faithfully passed on these rich teachings to his students over the last thirty-six years at Azusa Pacific University.

The book comprises three main chapters: Wesleyan theology and spirituality, Wesleyan ethics, and Wesleyan practical theology. In the first chapter, the writings are focused on Wesleyan anthropology, epistemology, spirituality and Wesleyan theology, and Evangelical theology. In the second chapter, the foci are Christian holiness and its biblical background and Christian life and faith in the Holy Spirit. In the last chapter, Wesley’s teachings on academic tradition, administration, and Christian education are studied.

Table of Contents

Tribute to Lane A. Scott – Jon R. Wallace
I. Wesleyan Theology and Spirituality
1. Chongnahm (John) Cho – Adam’s Fall and God’s Grace: Wesley’s Theological Anthropology
2. Ralph P. Martin – “The Almost Christian”: John Wesley’s Sermon and a Lukan Text (Acts 26:28)
3. John S. Park – Religious Epistemology: John Wesley and His Contemporaries
4. Don Thorsen – The Wesleyan Quadrilateral in Contemporary American Evangelical Theory
5. Paul Jin Kyung Chung: The Balanced Spirituality: An Interpretation of the Wesleyan Tradition
6. John Culp – “first perceived in the senses”: Wesley’s Spiritual Senses in Relation to Morality and Beauty

II. Wesleyan Ethics
7. Ron Benefil – Christian Holiness and the Wesleyan Mission of Mercy: The Character of the People of God in the World
8. John E. Hartley – Principles of Orientation for Holy Living as Found in Genesis 1:1
9. Leon O. Hynson – “Living in the Spirit”: Christian Ethics and the Holy Spirit
10. R. Larry Shelton – A Covenant Context for Wesleyan Ethics
11. Lane A. Scott – Experience and Scripture in John Wesley’s Concept of Saving Faith

III. Wesleyan Practical Theology
12. Marsha D. Fowler – Salvaging Scripture, Reclaiming Tradition, Renewing Reason and Curbing Enthusiasm: Faculty Development for Faith Integration in the Wesleyan Tradition
13. Ron W. Freeman – Theological Education: A Labor of Love
14. Mel Shoemaker – John Wesley: Theological Churchman, Evangelist, and Administrator
15. Steve Wilkens – Is “Evangelical” Any Way to Run a University? Theological Tradition and the Christian Liberal Arts

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