Texts on Zulu Religion Traditional Zulu Ideas About God

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While much of the writing on African religions is highly technical, this volume fills a gap for use in general-study courses in African religion.


". . . fascinating reading, as much for the light it sheds on the prejudices and assumptions of nineteenth century European missionaries and traders, as for the insights it yields into Zulu religion. . . . such texts provide the best means we have of understanding Zulu religion as it was before contact with Christianity." _ Religious Studies and Theology

"The primary value of Hexham's publication lies in his making accessible to modern readers some of the rare sources on Zulu religion and culture. . . . Africanists, pastors, missionaries, and missiologists alike owe Hexham their gratitude for having provided them with an important research tool." _ Missionalia

". . . provide[s] an introduction to Zulu history and society." _ The International Journal of African Historical Studies ". . . provide[s] us with a selection from the writings of nineteenth-century Western traders, colonial officials, and missionaries as they tried to interpret African religious life." _ Missiology

"These European texts on Zulu religion enable us to compare European and Zulu religious perspectives. The book is a source of fascinating historical data on the interaction between the world view of Christian missionaries and Zulu religious thought. . .

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