Pan- African Encyclopedia

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This special reference work, also called the ABCN Lexicon, consists of words, locutions, organizations, and essays whose titles contain such terms as Africa/African/Africain/Africano/Afro; Bantu/Black; Color/Colour/Colored/Coloured; and Negro/Negre/Noir and its variations. It provides the reader with invaluable information regarding what black Africans have done for themselves. It is full of ABCN phenomena, conditions, problems, and solutions as well as heroic and other kinds of actions, and organizations. It includes lexical definitions and basic information about organizations. They were chosen for their cultural, economic, historical, religious, and social significance to the African world. Most of the entries are written by well-established scholars and have been published in refereed journals, books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Abbreviations & Acronyms; Introduction
Volume One:
Part One: The Africa/African/Africain/Africano/Afro -Words and Locutions

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