Irony of Apartheid. The Struggle for National Independence of Afrikaner Calvinism Against British Imperialism

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". . . beautifully illustrates the fruitfulness of the phenomelogical method for the study of religion." _ NINIAN SMART

". . . valuable also for the new perspectives which its author proposes . . ." _ T. R. H. DAVENPORT in the South African Historical Journal

". . . a remarkable work. . . . [Hexham's] analysis may find widespread dissent, but it is a position to be reckoned with. This is an important work by an important scholar." _ Chalcedon Book Notices

". . . a fine account of the theological origins of the Doppers. . . . Hexham has provided excellent documentation and an extensive bibliography." _ Studies in Religion - Sciences Religieuses

". . . as a carefully researched account of the theoretical origins of Afrikaner religious attitudes, applied in the social and political sphere, the book has very great merits. . . . It is a book, indeed, which all those should read who seek to understan

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