Text, Translation, and Critical Interpretation of Joan Rois De Corella's Tragedia De Caldesa, a Fifteenth-Century Spanish Tragedy of Gender Reversal: The Woman Dominates and Seduces Her Lover

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This monograph on Joan Roís de Corella (1435-1497) offers to the English-speaking world the discovery of a prominent literary figure, worth of recognition as a leading exponent of the Renaissance in the Catalan domain. Peter Cocozzella intends to bring into focus Corella’s distinctive contribution as embodied in a work that bears the title of Tragèdia de Caldesa (‘Tragedy of Caldesa’). Contrary to the trend of criticism that flatly denies the stage-worthy qualities of this magnificent text, Cocozzella proposes that Corella’s masterpiece constitutes a full-fledged theatricalization of a form of tragedy that stems not from Aristotelian principles but, rather, from the description formulated by Isidore of Seville. Corella delves into a radically conflictive interaction of male and female characters. Arguably, his Tragèdia trans-values the Ovidian myth of Narcissus into the ambiance of the Hispanic “erotic hell” and reveals that the theme of emasculation in literature goes back at least to the fifteenth century.


“By providing an edition and an elegant translation as well as an extensive analysis of the text, this book will introduce the English-speaking public to an important Catalan author of the Renaissance.”

-Prof. Marilynn Desmond,
Binghamton University

“The valuable contribution of Peter Cocozzella’s monograph is the introduction to the non-specialist of an important Renaissance author. I find this manuscript successful, both on scholarly and analytical grounds.

-Prof. Salvador J. Fajardo,
Binghamton University

“It took patience and faith on Cocozzella’s part, and insight. He is both exhaustive and generous with his predecessors and peers in Catalan Studies.

- Prof. Marilyn Gaddis Rose ,
Binghamton University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Marilyn Gaddis Rose

1. The World as Dark Chamber

2. Ausias March’s Legacy

3. Narcissus Revisited

4. Aspects of Self-Fashioning

5. The Text of Visualizing

6. Dramatics and Theatricality

Appendix: Tragedia de Caldesa (Text)
The Tragedy of Caldesa (Translation)

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