Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume I: Monologion. Proslogion. Debate with Guanilo. a Meditation on Human Redemption

Draws together three works which illustrate Anselm's distinctive contributions to 11th-century philosophy and theology.

"These translations . . . are on the whole clear, intelligible, and sufficiently faithful to the original Latin. Considering how dense and compressed Anselm's Latin is, that is no mean achievement." - Theology

"The editors claim with justice that the examples of Anselm's work presented here provide a most striking instance of the mediaeval world's desire to combine the spiritual and rational elements of human nature in a synthesis which does violence to neither." - Church Times

"[T]he editors . . . are providing a valuable service in providing a translation from the modern critical edition of the text." - Expository Times

"The editors have shown scholarship of the highest order both in the rendering itself, and the critical notes." - The Universe

"a clear, scholarly, and readily available English version of [Anselm's] major writings" - The Tablet

Table of Contents

4-vol. set

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