Four Translation Strategies Determined by the Particular Needs of the Receptor Translation Theory Backwards

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Discusses the four rationales for translating a given literary work, focusing particularly on the translation of poetry and drama, with many examples included from the domain of Biblical translation. Since translations of literary works are undertaken only because there exists a readership who cannot appreciate them in their original languages, it logically follows that the strategy chosen by the translator must be first and foremost conditioned by the needs of the receptor the translator is aiming at.


". . . a groundbreaking work in translation theory. It suggests the evaluation of literary translations from a new perspective: their effectiveness in creating a new audience for the given work, and communicating with that audience. . . . The great beauty of Kraszewski's work is his application of common sense to the field of translation studies. . . . This book will be of eminent value to students and pedagogues engaged in the numerous translation theory seminars offered each year by universities, and to literary translators themselves. . . . the most imporant text in translation studies to come out in English since George Steiner's After Babel. I am sure that it is destined to occupy the same shelf-space in the libraries of translators and critics as the texts of Steiner and Eugene A. Nida." - Rio Preisner

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Preface by Professor Thomas O. Beebe
I. There is no such Thing as Translation, or How to Translate a Literary Text
II. Informational Translation Strategy
III. Corrective Translation Strategy
IV. Critical Translation Strategy: Experiments with the Anthology
V. Critical Translation Strategy: The Supplementary Translation
VI. Proselytizing Translation Strategy: Introduction and Experiments
VII. Proselytizing Translation Strategy: A Very Polish Rodrygo
Appendix A: Two Polish Translations of Goethe's Ballads
Appendix B: Antigone: Greek Text and Control Translations
Bibliography and Index

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