Essays on the Dramatic Works of Polish Poet Zbigniew Herbert

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Tadeusz Malak
1. A Heap of Broken Images: The Phenomenon of Herbert on Stage followed by the apologia critici
2. Socrates His Last Gibberish, or To Each his Own Sage (Jaskinia filozofó; the Philosophers’ Cave)
3. The Poor Man’s Macbeth: Zbigniew Herbert’s Anti-Tragedy Drugi pokój (the Other Room)
4. Of Erosion, Poetry and Endurance (Rekonstrukcja poety; Reconstructing the Poet)
5. Now the Hungry Dogs Come Out: Zbigniew Herbert’s Lalek and the Question: Who is my Brother?
6. Letters from Our Readers: Zbigniew Herbert’s Myth of Democles (Listy naszych czytelników)
Bibliography; Index

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