Swahili Culture. Vol. 1

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This two-volume book (each volume sold seperately) is a series of essays on the culture of the people who live on the east coast of Africa between the border of Somalia in the north and the Mozambique border in the south. The term ‘culture’ is to be taken in the widest sense. It includes ways of earning a livelihood, pastimes, sailing and other occupations as well as religion. Obviously not all aspects of culture could be represented in this work, which is the fruit of a lifetime of study. Every chapter in this work is the fruit of the author's own investigation of the East African coastal culture. Students of African Studies and advanced anthropology who read these essays will benefit from this work.

Table of Contents

1. The Geography of East Africa
2. The History of East Africa
3. Survey of the Swahili Coast
4. The Peoples of East Africa
5. Notes on Agriculture
6. Arts and Crafts
7. Societal Structure
8. Marriage and Family Law
9. Religions of East Africa
10. The History of Language in Africa
11. Swahili Literature and Scripts
12. Swahili Prose
13. The Islamic Literatures of Africa
14. Dance and Song
15. Music and Instruments
16. Some Notes on Diseases and Swahili Remedies
17. Religion and Healing in Africa
18. The Calendar and Islamic Celebrations
19. A Brief Note on Swahili Astronomy
20. Swahili Cosmology

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